The Death of Experts

Who Killed the Experts?

So the experts have told you that you have a chronic or incurable condition? Maybe you have diabetes, metabolic syndrome or obesity or just cannot lose weight?  Possibly you are someone who wants to understand medical innovation?  Perhaps you were caught by the title and wanted to know how the experts died, who killed them and why?

Let us start to make some sense of an ‘unsatisfactory predicament’.

Chronic Disease

What is a chronic disease? It is a medical problem that doesn’t go away on its own or with finite treatment for complete cure. It may have a symptom or multiple symptoms. Those symptoms may get better or worse in severity over time. You may be taking medicine to manage the condition. It usually isn’t communicable to others and usually isn’t ‘believed’ to be caused by yeast, parasite, virus or bacteria. I say ‘believed’ because it may be that it is and yet the experts do not acknowledge it. It could also be that some organism is opportunistic and remains present or recurs because of low immunity and there is an underlying reason (the root cause).

Our Medical Systems

What happens with chronic disease in our medical system? You see the doctor, and the doctor diagnoses you or refers you to s a specialist who diagnoses you. You take your medicine- which helps- but it doesn’t get better. It is a managed condition.  Eventually, you accept this. The condition is chronic or terminal, and you learn to ‘live’ with it.  The problems continue because you have not addressed the ‘root cause’.

Alternatively, you hop from doctor to doctor hoping for a later opinion to give you a cure. (However, there is a problem with this which we will understand better later). Maybe then after a while, you accept it and learn to ‘live’ with it.  You may manage the condition for the rest of your life.


Alternatively, you get secondary effects, the condition worsens, and you have unwanted complications like blindness, amputation and kidney failure. You may have more radical treatment like surgery or and eventually, it is terminal. That would be typical for diabetes for example. If it were cancer, say prostate or breast cancer, it could be more aggressive, but the outcome is still the same- a continued decline.

Adding complication, you may have multiple symptoms. You may get depression (or this may, in fact, be your primary problem), hypertension, high cholesterol or any number of other problems. Pretty soon you can be on a cocktail of medicines- polypharmacy- and you need them long term. In a further complication, your livelihood, work, family, and social life may be adversely affected.

Example of Obesity

If you want a simple example that fits many of us, then I give you- obesity.  Well, I don’t literally give it to you because many of us already have this chronic condition.  Is it a disease, symptom, condition, malady or just a fact of life?  Obesity could be any of the above.  It can make us depressed or at least unhappy, and it often gets progressively worse.  We diet and lose weight yet it most often comes back. We follow the experts to ‘move more and eat less’ but despite weight loss industry being worth billions of dollars no one seems to know the root cause.  The best they can say is:”It is complicated.  It is multi-factorial.”. Obesity is a chronic condition, and the experts are dead.  

Whether your problem is obesity, diabetes or something more immediately serious, I would hope for you is that there is an alternative. There is a solution out there to your medical problem. Someone has beaten the incurable problem. Someone is treating the problem successfully and perhaps unconventionally. There is perhaps new research that you could try or a study in which you could be involved. How would you find that?

Type 2 Diabetes and Obesity Solved!

Well if your problem is obesity or type 2 diabetes, then there almost certainly is such a solution.  If you have type 1 diabetes, there is also the chance for marked improvement.  If you remember I said that you could learn by imitation?  You certainly can for those (and related) conditions because the solution I have followed should also work for you.

At this point, medical people would be telling you that I am “peddling false hope”. You see they ‘know’. They are the experts and what is happening to you is what happens to all of their patients. If the best expertise, which they embody, cannot cure you- then everything else is just pseudoscience. I am understanding of that logic, and you also need to be. I would not want to get your hopes up.  What I did may not work for you. The solution to your problem may not surface in your lifetime, or indeed it may be lost in time.

My Case

I can tell you that in my case it was true that I went through years of managing a chronic condition, that if I had the correct advice from the start, would never have progressed. In fact, as it occurs, my problem has reversed by addressing the root cause. I could have saved much heartache and damaged health. In my case, it would have mattered little if I went from expert to expert. The only solution that would have helped me was to understand that, for my problem, the experts were dead. When you accept that metaphor, you can open up the possibility that there is a better solution out there and find it for yourself.

That is not to say that the conventional wisdom is all wrong. What we need to do, while getting the best possible outcome from the conventional wisdom, is to explore the alternatives.

Take a Journey

man on a journey

If that prospect is something you would like to evaluate through my experience, or if you are a medical professional wanting to understand how to lift your innovation game, then this blog is for you.

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